Born in the Mexican Caribbean región, Aka Rouge is a premium kimono brand that prides itself on its craftsmanship. Our unisex collection arises among palm trees, coconuts, and turquoise Waters. A wide range of fabrics and prints are now used to reinterpret the traditional Japanese kimono.


To assure originality and differentiation, we manufacture limited editions of each model. Versatile and timeless garments are made to be worn at a wide range of places and occasions.


We are a socially conscious brand that supports local artisans with fair salaries. All of our kimonos are handcrafted, minimizing waste throughout the production line.



Fire and air, two of the four elements of nature, are the source of our inspiration. Passion, energy, power, and intuition are all represented by the color red in our clothing. Aka Rouge is defined by this, as well as other warm tones. Bird patterns, fringes, and bluish tones are symbolic of "the air," which represents freedom, separation, curiosity, and creativity.


Duality is a concept that is also reflected in our name; "the same, yet different." when "red" is repeated in both Japanese and French as Aka Rouge. The kimono is Japan's most iconic and traditional attire. And France is the fashion capital. Aka Rouge kimonos are indeed the result of a blend of tradition and elegance.