In the diverse and exciting world of fashion, learning to dress according to our body type is an essential skill. By knowing the shape of our body, we can select garments and accessories that enhance our best features and make us feel confident and stylish. This doesn’t mean adhering to rigid rules; rather, it’s about understanding what flatters us and then playing and experimenting with different styles.

Choosing the right outfit for your body type can be challenging, but at Aka Rouge, we make that decision easy and exciting. With a range from one-size-fits-all kimonos to full swimsuits and flowing pants, we have something for every body type. Here we show you how you can enhance your figure with Aka Rouge's exclusive fashion garments.


Body Type: Hourglass

If you have an hourglass-shaped body, you're in luck because almost everything looks good on you. However, to accentuate your curves, we recommend:

  • Halter Neck Dresses: These dresses highlight your waist and are incredible with our unique in-house designed prints.
  • Full Swimsuits: With strategic cuts, our full swimsuits enhance your figure while making you feel comfortable and chic.



Body Type: Triangle or Pear

If you carry more weight in the lower part of your body, we suggest:

  • Oversized Shirts: Perfect for balancing the upper and lower body. Choose from our vivid solid colors or bold prints.
  • Long Skirt with Ruffles: This garment adds movement and style, ideal for wearing on a summer night in Cancun.



Body Type: Rectangle

If you have a more rectangular body and want to create the illusion of curves, these are our recommendations:

  • Flowing Pants: With a drape that enhances the figure, these pants are the perfect choice to add some curve to your look.
  • One-Size-Fits-All Kimonos: Add an extra layer to your outfit for a boho-chic look that doesn't compromise on comfort.



Body Type: Apple

If you carry more weight in the middle part, opt for garments that elongate your figure:

  • Long and Short Jumpers: Ideal for stylizing your body, available in a variety of on-trend prints.
  • Fitted Mesh Dresses: With mesh fabrics that adapt and mold to your body, these dresses are an elegant way to show off your daring personality.



Regardless of your body type, we believe every woman deserves to feel unique, elegant, and daring. Our goal is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself by offering you pieces that not only beautify your exterior but also reflect your internal values. By choosing our garments, you're not just opting for fashion; you're selecting a brand that stands for innovation and responsibility, both socially and environmentally.

Browse our online store or visit us at multi-brand stores to discover pieces that make you feel authentic and wonderful. And remember, fashion is more than the clothes we wear; it's a way to express who we are and what we stand for. Thank you for making this experience part of your journey of style and self-discovery.



Find what makes you feel good and embrace your uniqueness with pride and elegance.

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