In the audacious landscape of contemporary fashion, printed pants have emerged as a key item for the modern style enthusiast. Paired with a silky satin set or layered under a long kimono, these trousers offer a myriad of fashion possibilities. As style icons like Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa incorporate them into their everyday looks, it becomes clear that these pants can be a focal point of any outfit. But, how does one style such an eye-catching piece?

printed pants

From the vibrant psychedelic patterns of the 70s to the modern tribal and geometric prints, these trousers have always exuded boldness. Whether teamed with a satin top or showcased beneath a flowy robe-style outerwear, their presence is undeniably impactful. Each era has made its mark, with the common thread always being daringness.

printed pants abstract pattern

Making Printed Pants the Focal Point:

  • Less is More: Sporting a bold print? Consider pairing your patterned trousers with a subtle satin set top, keeping the rest of the outfit in neutral shades or colors that complement the print.
  • Play with Proportions: Wide, patterned bottoms can be balanced with a fitted satin set blouse or vice versa. It's all about achieving that visual balance.
  • Dare with Accessories: While your printed pants might be the standout piece, don't shy away from adding a long kimono as an overlayer or choosing a bold belt or a distinctive necklace.

Printed Pants in the Influencer Era:

  • Hailey Bieber: Embodying urban chic, Hailey often matches her patterned trousers with minimalist crop tops or a luxurious coordinated set, striking a balance between bold and subtle.
  • Dua Lipa: Known for her retro-modern look, Dua Lipa blends patterns from the 90s with her trousers, often complementing them with a statement outer layer or accessorizing with bold boots and snug tops.
  • Kendall Jenner: A fashion innovator, Kendall regularly centers her outfits around patterned trousers, mixing them with basic tees, coordinated satin blouses, or chic accessories.

Pairing Tips:

Animal Prints: Always fashionable, pair these with monochrome pieces like a black top in satin fabric or even a draping outer garment for a modern twist. Elevate with high heels and standout jewelry.

Geometric Prints: For the bold, try mixing and matching with other prints. Alternatively, a neutral-toned blouse in a satin texture is a safe yet fashionable choice.


Abstract or Artistic Patterns: Their versatility shines when paired with a solid-colored top in a satin-like material, preferably in shades present within the trousers themselves.

Scarf Print: For trousers with a scarf print, opt for a simple, solid-colored top that picks up one of the dominant colors from the print. Due to the complexity of the design, let the trousers take center stage. Complement with understated accessories and footwear for a cohesive and elegant look.

printed pants abstract and scarf


In conclusion, while printed pants challenge traditional wardrobe norms, their adaptability is unparalleled. Whether it's the elegant feel of a satin ensemble or the graceful drape of a kimono-style outerwear, these pieces harmonize effortlessly with bold prints, allowing for the creation of numerous outfits suited to different moods and occasions.

Embracing these trousers is more than a fashion statement; it's a testament to one's ability to balance comfort with boldness, traditional with contemporary. In the grand narrative of fashion, it's these brave choices that often become timeless.

printed pants zebra


So, when you stand at the crossroads of style decisions, remember that with the right pairings, patterned trousers can elevate your fashion game. Balance, proportion, and confidence are your best allies. Why just fit in when you can stand out? Ready to redefine your style?


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